HSAW Pipes

Our manufacturing facility for helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipes employing electrical fusion welding is a state of the art facility to produce quality pipes. The spiral welded pipe mill is byard spiral mill sdn. Bhd. make, along with the other equipments provide the company with the superior technology and competent to deal with the best in the industry.
The pipe plant has a capacity to produce 70,000 MT of pipe per annum and can produce spirally welded pipes in the range of 18 inches (457 mm) to 100 inches (2540 mm) with maximum wall thickness of 1 inch (25.4 mm) & pipe length of 6 meters to 13 meters as per client’s requirement confirming to various national as well as international quality standards.
The uniqueness of our plant is that the whole unit is mobile & can be moved to the project site. This feature benefit our clients not only by reducing the transportation cost of pipes but it reduces the damage of pipes during transportation & also helps timely execution of the project by continuous & dedicated supply of pipes for the particular project.

We can manufacture HSAW Pipes in the following range:
Pipe Diameter: 18" to 100"
Thickness: 5.5 mm to 25.4 mm
Length: As per customer's requirement (Maximum upto 13 meters)
Capacity: 70,000 MT / Annum

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